About Us

About Us

Sounds Space is the only platform where YOU become the studio for all your music projects with the ability to create partnerships with musicians from around the world using our social media core. Sounds Space has been actively growing through the inter-webs by providing a platform for musicians to thrive. Additionally, we are now introducing blockchain technology to help our users build and leverage their music careers by utilizing web 3.0. Our NFT Marketplace will be implemented to give our Artists and users more freedom and tools to achieve greater success. 

We are incorporating all fundamental elements for artists and musicians, allowing them to efficiently progress forward into their professional careers without any hassle.

All members will have access to their very own profile and Social Timeline and User Dashboard to share and connect with like-minded individuals and create potential collaborations. They will also have access to thousands of music creation tools, such as Software/Plug-Ins, Sample Packs, and Beat Sale.

Sounds Space is building an NFT platform through XRP blockchain and we are expanding the ways of giving back to the real creators.

Artists and users on the platform will be able to create NFT collections and put them on sale with or without attaching beats, VST plug-ins and sample packs; we are the first company to introduce such an opportunity and allow the creators to collect more royalties with each NFT sale.

Note: Users won’t be able to attach any attachments to their NFT collections (For Artists only) but they will be able to publish and sell them individually or as a collection without any attachments.